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The Carry the Future Necklace

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Image of The Carry the Future Necklace
  • Image of The Carry the Future Necklace
  • Image of The Carry the Future Necklace

The Carry the Future Necklace is a project so dear to my heart. Carry The Future is one of my favorite organizations. Started just two years ago, Carry the Future hand-delivers baby carriers and infant supplies to families in refugee camps overseas. As a grassroots organization, every donation makes a huge impact.

I designed this necklace with mothers in mind. The fabric the necklace is made out of features a traditional family - a mother tucking her child into bed, a father sleeping nearby. It reminds us that we are all family, in need of love and care. The vibrant colors of the fabric serve to remind us that our world is a beautiful mosaic. Each of us contributes something to this world and together, we are whole.

25% of the profits from the Carry the Future necklace will be donated directly to Carry the Future. When you purchase, you are helping a refugee family overseas. You are providing basic needs to mothers and children who are just like you. And when you wear it around your neck, may you thank God for your blessings and offer prayer for those in such dire circumstances. May it serve as a physical reminder of the love and beauty that connects us all.

The beads are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and lightweight, ideal for moms of little ones. Because of the nature of wood beads, all beads may not look exactly the same. This necklace is adjustable. Simply adjust the slider bead at the back of the neck to your desired length.

Each necklace is made by hand in Oregon and packaged ready for gift-giving!

As always, Madre Beads are intended to be worn by adults only. Madre Beads are not a toy. Like all jewelry, never leave your Madre Beads alone with your baby.

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